Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Scotch Tape Mani

Hi everybody! Today NOTD is a "V" scotch tape mani. The other day I did a review on Del Sol color changing nail polish and liked the polish called Peek-A-Boo so much I thought it would be cool to use in this design. I also used OPI polish called Suzy Skis In The Pyrenees Suede. I find the color change so amazing. Everytime I walk outside I have to look at my nails. Can you tell on easily entertained? Lol... Anyway hope you like and tell me what you think!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Polish

 Hey guys!  HAPPY NEW YEARS! Sorry for the long period of absence over the holiday's but can you believe it's actually 2012?! I remember Y2K when everyone was running around saying the world was going to end and buying all the milk, bread and water.  Boy have we come along way! Today I wanted to do my first review on a set of Del Sol color changing nail polish I received for Christmas. I had never heard of this brand before but once I found out that it was color changing polish I couldn't wait to try it out.

Polishes are in order from left to right:
  • Peek-A-Boo -A "clear" top coat like jelly polish.
  • HeartBreaker -A red jelly polish with red and gold fine glitter.
  • Electrick! -Pearlescent baby blue.
  • Rock Star -Blue jelly polish with dark blue and silver fine glitter  

I applied 3 coats of all the polishes to ensure full coverage although they only needed 2 coats. And the application was heaven! I love all polishes that go on like The application processes gets an A+. Oh and this polish dries incredibly fast! I thought that since it was a special polish that the drying time would take forever but I was so wrong! So here's another A+ for not being so time consming.
 Once the polish dried I wanted to see if it would change under any type of light. I held them under the light for one minute and they had not changed at all. So I went outside and here is how the looked in the sun...

When I stepped outside Peek-A-Boo (pinky) and HeartBreak (ring finger) immediately started changing color!! Make sure you keep your eyes on your nails because you can miss it changing colors before your eyes. I was a little disappointed though because I was looking forward to seeing Rock Star (index finger) change and it didn't :-( There was a slight changed with Electrick! but was very slight...can you see it? In comparison to the stickers on the tops of the bottles the 2 of the 4 were definitely off. But all in all I very happy with these polishes because even though 2 of the 4 colors didn't noticeably change they are still beautiful colors.

**FYI- I did not apply a top coat at the time because I was not sure if it would affect the color changing process. After some research applying a top coat is perfectly ok.

Hope this was some help and that you enjoyed it.